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The old boys’ club: Ireland’s most influential privately educated men and the elite schools that spawned them Independent. We pride ourselves on having greater social mobility than the class-obsessed English, on having a more egalitarian school system than the Americans and their Ivy League, and, yet, still the value of an old-boy background shows itself, with a quick glance at any of the major power centres in our society. It reveals that, despite our stated revulsion for all things rugby-school, we’re still suckers for the competence and character that is subtly conveyed by floppy hair, ruddy cheeks and southside drawls. TDs are more than twice as likely to have gone to a private school than the average Irish person 18 of the male TDs in the current Dail are privately educated – a slight increase from the last Dail. In business, nearly half of leaders of Irish publicly listed companies went to private school. The current governor of the Central Bank is an old Blackrock boy.

Roscommon, Part I: Ireland’s Lake District

When two Irishmen meet the first question asked is usually: No matter where an Irishman wanders across the globe, his heart sings when he connects with a fellow Irishman, and especially a fellow county man or woman as the case may be. Yet Irish people love their counties with zeal and passion This innate love of county one would assume stems from some ancient, mythical symbolism associated with these provincial divides.

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Clonmacnoise Ireland

Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but that hides the fact that there is a startling health inequality across the country, along social class lines. On average, children born in relative poverty will die six years earlier than children born into affluence, while social positioning will determine the quality of your life and ultimately how long you will live.

The statistics are stark, those living in disadvantaged areas are twice as likely to become obese, twice as likely to experience mental health difficulties, and three times as likely to get cancer.

A must visit is the Killarney national park which has numerous scenic trails and walks.

Reports revealed that parts of the roof of the five-story building, that had been bombed three times during the Troubles, had collapsed and witnesses described black smoke billowing out of the structure and across the capital of Northern Ireland. Years later, the ground and first floors of the building went through a major redesign and WH Lynn installed large glass windows in the lower floors, which were the only areas used as a shop at first.

The rest of the building was a warehouse. Here is the beautiful building in the earlier part of the 20th century. While the league was open to applications from public bodies, private associations, schools and firms, the Bank Buildings Football Club never played a competitive match, but are still considered one of the founding members of the Amateur League.

In , shares of Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson and Company were sold to the House of Fraser group but the company continued to run the shop. However, during the Troubles, three bombs exploded in the Bank Buildings and a fire broke out in April Four years later, the structure was taken over by Primark, who went on to renovate the buildings and restore the outside.

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Clonmacnoise in County Offaly — about an hour from Limerick, two hours from Dublin, and a half an hour from Athlone. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to explore history where it happened — I love learning about different places and cultures — and one of my all time favorite countries to explore is Ireland!

After leaving Shannon where I rented a car, I headed East on the highway towards Dublin, then drove through tiny towns and gorgeous rolling hills of Irish countryside along the Shannon river to get to Clonmacnoise — which is just outside Athlone, the gorgeous lakeside town that is super affordable, laid-back, and charming in between Dublin and Limerick. The winding lanes in the midlands lead to some of the most charming and interesting spots of interest- especially for those who love learning about early church history and see ancient relics from Irish Saints.

Clonmacnoise was a perfect place to dive deeper into early Irish history — you can spend hours reading about history — or just visit for about a half an hour. Ciaran, who along with seven companions met Diarmait Ui Cerbaill and together built the first wooden church at the site.

Street Hookers There are estimated of under street sex workers in Dublin and street prostitutes sure do walk the streets of Dublin and Dublin johns sure do enjoy them, but you have to remember that street prostitution is clearly illegal under Irish law.

For clarity’s sake, therefore, I chose a handful of databases that specifically target Northern Ireland genealogy research and would suggest that anyone tracing Irish ancestry in the six counties also takes a look at my other lists of both free and pay-to-view online resources. There are links to those lists at the bottom of the page, under the heading Related Pages. Each of the websites or databases below has earned its place in this short list by offering free access to a good proportion, if not all, of their information.

The sites are listed here in alphabetical order. Ancestry Ireland Ancestry Ireland is the site of the Ulster Historical Foundation, one of the major genealogical research agencies, family history publishers and education providers operating in Northern Ireland. The company is based in Belfast. Castle Coole is a magnificent neo-classical house located near Enniskillen, Co.

The organisation specialises in undertaking Irish and Scots-Irish research and runs both study programmes and a membership association called the Ulster Historical and Genealogical Guild. The Records section of AncestryIreland offers a good number of items of genealogical interest. Among these are detailed civil parish maps and lists of townlands per county, a small selection of ebooks, and a searchable database containing birth, marriage and death records, plus gravestone inscriptions, street directories and much more.

There are also a handful of free to search and view collections. Eddie’s Extracts All manner of records can be found within Eddie’s Extracts. As its name suggests, it’s a collection of records that Eddie Connolly has extracted from a number of sources, principally newspapers. These include notices of births, marriages and deaths; rolls of honour war dead , court reports, inquests and books.

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BM was started in the summer of after over 3 years of development as an offshoot from BikeChat. However, over the years it has progressed into a broader motorcycle social network with members organising ride outs, meet ups, BBQs, international trips and we’re now in the 6th year of our very own biker rally , started and organised by the BM Members, the K. The staff can also help you with any site issues or questions , but please check the help page first before contacting us.

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Sprouting from the limestone cracks at this burial site are wildflowers, which bloom across The Burren in large numbers, and in great variety, each spring.

The second instalment, at the Millennium Court Art Centre, Portadown, 6th October — 22nd November , features examples of work dating back to the early s. Friday 4 August, pm Exhibition continues: Leaves Belfast from Golden Thread Gallery at 6. With a family history in lace-making and embroidery, Alison studied textiles, then developed her skills in glass making in a variety of techniques.

The nature of the glass piece embodies the fragility of the very memory it captures. The exhibition opens on the 4th August and continues until the 27th of September. The artist has used the technique of Pate de Verre to cast antique christening robes in the process, the original robe will be burnt away in the kiln but the glass will formed in its place — creating a fragile but haunting reminder of what was there before.

She graduated from the University of Ulster with a first class Honors degree in Art and Design in She employs a range of techniques to create her sculptures, working with cast glass and pate de verre. Ceramics and its Dimensions: Returns from Portadown at 9pm Exhibition continues: This event is free of charge but registration is essential. To register please contact Niall Drew on or Niall.

Ireland’s Arched Bridges

Saint Patrick He may have been named Maewyn Succat, and changed to Patrick when he later became a bishop. He may be thought of as Irish now, but his exact birthplace is unknown. It was most likely in England, Wales or Scotland. In his teens, he was captured by pirates and taken to Ireland, where he was put to work as a herdsman. After six years, he managed to escape and possibly fled back to his home.

He became a Christian priest before returning to Ireland as a missionary in the mid fifth century.

The rest of the building was a warehouse.

We struggle with confidence. We struggle with bouncing back from upsetting and damaging situations. We struggle to find a balance between how we view ourselves and how others view us, between how we perform and how we think we perform, and feeling self-assured yet not portraying ourselves as overly self-assured. She considers herself an open mountain runner rather than a trail runner, although she excels at both.

Mountain running has empowered her and given her an enormous sense of self-confidence. I now know that no matter where I am on the mountains, I can get myself home. Gail Nicolson Phibbs PC: Paul Daly Gail, an academic researcher and intellectual working towards her Ph. D, is no stranger to hard work, multitasking, and diligence and she explained what so many of us feel. While some people try to ignore it until it passes, others allow it to manifest and take over their lives.

However, Sarah, a successful editor, still turns to her friends for support when that sneaky self-doubt devil niggles its way into her head. Being the minority group in an overwhelmingly male dominated sport increases the challenges we face in training, in racing, in justifying our affinity for ultra running, and in the exposure we are allotted.

What is certain is that women are a minority in trail and ultra running where gender equality is still a distant dream.

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