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Hi, Jerry and the usual suspects are: The fuel tank has old dead gas. Fuel tank bottom contaminated with ethanol sludge, dirt, water, rust, etc. Engine flooded as a result of overuse of the enrichner. Fuel line to carburetor or throttle body pinched, kinked or blocked. Fuel injectors stuck open. Severely discharged or a damaged battery should have Check battery terminals for damage or corrosion, check the battery cables at “BOTH” ends for loose, corroded, or broken connectors, “INSIDE” and outside the cable harness, perform connector wiggle test and check cables with an ohmmeter if necessary. Loose or corroded wire connection at the coil or plug between ignition sensor and ECM module. Spark plug cables in bad condition and shorting check for spark leakage in the dark, cable connections loose, or connected to the wrong cylinders.

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Report to Moderator Posted: Fri Feb 10, 1: WD hydraulic pump settings Something I would check before I tear anything apart. Go to the hydraulic setting page and I will point out a problem I have run into when I experienced your problem. Arms lift no matter where control lever is.

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Please follow the post completely for details of the process. Throttle response is not delayed, I expected it to have a delay like most modern fuel injection cars do. Throttle response is as instant as a carburetor. No more high to low engine rev at startup, it starts and stays right at rpm. Best part is, I can change this with the handheld controller. Engine has never ran this consistently cool before.

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Home Articles How to Test a Fuel Pump How to Test a Fuel Pump Step by step instructions on how to check an automotive fuel pump and pressure regulator, this article pertains to most fuel injected vehicles. No smoking or open flame. Step 1 – Locate the vacuum line which is attached to the fuel pressure regulator and remove it, this line should be free of fuel, if fuel is observed the regulator has failed.

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USA When the pump started acting up I looked up material cost. I new what a pump assembly, wire, pipe, etc cost before the well company looked at it. I also tested and new the pump or motor or both was bad. I was unsure if the original 20 year old pump was in the hole. Overall, they did a good job installing the pump. They are a known reputable company. The wiring thing is the only black eye. It was just 3 wire twisted 12 gauge stranded wire v submersible.

I think that is reasonable because it includes the cost of labor and equipment for 2.

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BP Does not do this. This is not intense. This is working long, not hard.

The check valve should be installed in the suction side piping as close to the source of water as possible.

Page 3 TEST 2: But the fuel pressure can be tested using a special adapter that either fits between the throttle body and the pressure line or fits in place of the fuel filter. If you don’t own a fuel pressure gauge, you can rent one from your local auto parts store AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts. You just have to make sure that they have the TBI system adapter. If you’re interested in buying your own, check out my recommendations here: OK, let’s get started with this test: With a shop towel, mop up any fuel that was released during the process of connecting the fuel pressure gauge adapter to the fuel line.

The fuel pressure gauge will register 12 PSI, or 2.

LT1 engine, JTR radiator and heater hook up.

How 2 Reverse 12v Electric over Hydraulic pump The motor is “serial motor”. The stator and rotor are connected in series. Since relationship of the magnetic fields of rotor and stator is the same regardless of polarity of the current the motor will run in the same direction. To reverse it you need to reverse stator relative to rotor.

The same troubleshooting techniques for a no start is the same as for tuned ports.

The first time I traveled with my baby as an exclusive pumper, I wondered how I would manage pumping breast milk on a plane. Where should I pump, and would anyone notice? Is there anything special that you need to do when flying with a breast pump? Flying with a breast pump One important thing that applies to all of the below scenarios: Make sure to print out the TSA guidelines and bring them with you.

Store your milk in a small cooler bag with an ice pack. How to pump breast milk on a plane If you decide to pump on the plane, you can pump in either the restroom or your seat. If you decide to pump in your airplane seat, pull everything that you need breast shields , bottles , pump parts, caps for the bottles, a Ziploc bag for used pump parts or Pumparoo , your pump , hands-free bra , and your cover out of your pump bag. The other option is the plane bathroom.

Unless your flight is pretty empty, it might not be a bad idea to limit your pumping sessions in the plane restroom to 10 minutes. If you would normally pump for 20 minutes, then maybe you can go twice for 10 minutes. You are flying with your baby and another caregiver i.

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Sprinkler Pump Troubleshooting Please use caution when checking anything electrical. Pumps use or volts AC which can injure or kill. Always turn off circuit breaker or remove fuse that feeds the pump before servicing or inspecting it. Some of these troubleshooting items will involve voltage testing. If you are not comfortable doing that, hire a professional electrician.

You will want to have a good accurate tire pressure gauge to do this.

Monday, November 7th, AT The car would be running at about 55mph and would suddenly just die, and would have to be steered off the side of the road. Finally after we had gotten it to the mechanic, he replaced the computer which was annoying as Saturn doesn’t make parts anymore. And when we tried to start it it would just crank and not catch or anything. Nothing was wrong, we could turn on everything such as radio, keyless entry, locks, etc. None of the lights were on that weren’t usually on.

The day of the accident, after it happened, she was at the grocery store and tried starting it and it wouldn’t turn on, just tried to start and wouldn’t turn over no matter what. After getting it off the tow truck it started right up and had no problem. She left it there just in case. The mechanic found nothing wrong with it but when she brought it home the next morning it wouldn’t start again.

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