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By Christine Wang If you believe hard enough, you can trick yourself into thinking the show is never over. And thanks to Netflix, we were recently were engaging in our 40th watch-through of this great show it’s kind of always just on loop when we remembered something — the last season of the show was set in For the entirety of Parks and Rec prior to the last season, the show took place concurrently with the present reality. However, in a bold twist, the very last episode of Season 6 ended with a fast-forward three years into not only Leslie and crew’s future, but our collective future as well. Parks and Rec made a lot of bold predictions about what would be like. Some of them seemed decently reasonable, and others not so much. But now that it’s actually , it’s time to reflect.

Snake Warrior’s Island Natural Area

Nothing it does — at least not in its first two seasons — suggests any sort of television revolution. Switching between humour and drama is can be a tricky business. Full spoilers for Parks and Recreation season 2 follow… Where to start? I love them all.

Simultaneously, Ann begins to show similar feelings for Andy after her relationship with Mark ends.

It is in the southeast part of town, where the Grindstone Creek winds its way across the middle of the park and flows into Hinkson Creek. The park could be described as a basin surrounded by hills and bluffs, with roads adjacent or close to it on three sides. The roads are as follows: The park entrance and parking lot is off Business 63 S. The topography of the park was shaped by the long, slow erosion processes of two streams, Grindstone and Hinkson Creeks, as they meandered and formed their valleys.

The bluffs and other rock outcrops are sedimentary, being limestone with chert pockets. These formations were laid down in shallow seas to million years ago.

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Character overview[ edit ] Pratt summarized Andy Dwyer as “dim-witted and guileless and a real idiot, but lovable. Ann matured faster than Andy did; while Ann entered into a career in nursing, Andy was lazy and unmotivated. After being dumped by Ann, Andy begins living in the pit.

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About Cartersville About Cartersville Cartersville is a vibrant city located in the rolling hills just north of Atlanta. Established in , the city has a significant amount of history. The County Seat, at the time, was in nearby Cassville which was largely destroyed by Sherman. Cartersville suffered little damage in comparison and became the new County Seat for the newly named Bartow County.

An eagle carving is planned for the center of the circle drive.

Paramount Back in the spring, we interviewed a dozen of TV’s top showrunners for New York Magazine’s television issue, and when we asked them all what show made them want to get into television, the majority cited Cheers. But the one who seemed the most passionate about the NBC comedy, which lasted eleven remarkable seasons — , was Michael Schur, co-creator of Parks and Recreation and former writer for The Office.

He spoke of it in the kind of loving terms usually reserved for one’s parents, and the influence of the bar comedy shows through in Parks and Rec, which shares Cheers’ sweet sensibility and surrogate-family characters. As we wallow in TV’s dead zone, with only a few quality shows dotting the cable dial as we wait for the fall season to begin, we decided to have Schur provide an extensive master class on one of television’s all-time great comedies, dissecting exactly what made it work and how it shaped him as a writer.

Read on and suddenly you’ll be racing to Netflix to plow through all eleven seasons before fall, but be warned: Extensive exposure to the comedy will only make you judge the networks’ upcoming new comedies all the more harshly. What special place does Cheers hold in your heart?

Parks and Rec preparing Haddington Woods for centuries to come

Character overview[ edit ] Pratt summarized Andy Dwyer as “dim-witted and guileless and a real idiot, but lovable. Ann matured faster than Andy did; while Ann entered into a career in nursing, Andy was lazy and unmotivated. After being dumped by Ann, Andy begins living in the pit adjacent to Ann’s house. Though absentminded and possessing an extremely short attention span, Andy is shown to have a savant-like memory.

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Amenities Concrete trail, interpretive signage, benches, and picnic tables. The trail is popular with walkers – two loops equals one mile. Prehistoric materials excavated there provide evidence of habitation by subsistence cultures dating from approximately B. Archaeologists have also confirmed that, centuries later, the site was the camp of the Miccosukee leader Chitto Tustenuggee. Historians have identified the site as one of the earliest Seminole settlements in the eastern Everglades and speculate that it had been occupied for more than a dozen years before its Indian inhabitants were attacked and fled in The center is cleared, but the circumference is well protected by immense live oak and wild fig trees, and an almost impenetrable thicket of mangroves.

The property was acquired by the Perry family in and became part of the commercial enterprise Perry Farms, which maintained the land as pasture. It was saved from further development largely due to civic interest in the property as an archaeological and historic site. For purposes of management and preservation, the state leases the land to Broward County, which opened it as a natural area on January 21, Prior to drainage, the site consisted of two islands located at the headwaters of Snake Creek an important canoe route between the coast and the interior , where the creek begins cutting through the Atlantic Coastal Ridge.

The Parks and Recreation Division, in conjunction with the Broward County Office of Environmental Services OES , has added such public-access features as a parking lot, a walkway with seating areas, picnic tables, interpretive signage, and fencing. Aerial image of Snake Warrior’s Island.

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Plot[ edit ] Chris Rob Lowe enacts a government-wide health initiative in Pawnee, starting by banning red meat from the city hall commissary, much to the displeasure of Ron Nick Offerman. He challenges Chris to a burger cook-off to prove red meat is superior to Chris’ preferred lean meat, with red meat staying on the menu if Ron wins.

Meanwhile, Leslie Amy Poehler invites Ben Adam Scott out to dinner, but he turns her down, leaving Leslie confused because she was sure Ben was attracted to her. Ann Rashida Jones , who is now dating multiple men after taking Donna ‘s Retta advice to be more adventurous, tells Leslie to join an online dating website called HoosierMate.

She is later hired to manage Tom’s Bistro.

Sign up now for one-on-one time with a personal trainer! Aqua Classes Individual use or choose from many aquatic fitness classes for the beginning to the advanced exercise Health Coaching Lifestyle change and support – with a nutritional focus! They are listed in the Activity Guide. Sports for Seniors 2 gymnasiums are available for individual drop-in use, half court and full court basketball games, and individual or drop-in volleyball games. Pickleball open play is offered from September- May on courts marked especially for pickleball use.

Pickleball beginning skills classes are also offered. Senior volleyball drop-In, clinics and Colorado Senior Volleyball league play is available. Table tennis drop-in is available several times a week. Wii Play is offered from September-May. Music is provided by live bands.

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He works as Leslie Knope ‘s immediate subordinate at the Pawnee parks and recreation department, often serving as her right-hand man. Tom has demonstrated his talent and passion for entrepreneurship in many occasions, including Entertainment , Rent-A-Swag, and Tom’s Bistro. He takes his appearance very seriously, often donning office-casual polo shirts, as well as fitted suits with boat shoes. In “Go Big or Go Home,” Tom also boasted about ladies’ sneakers he bought from his workplace during Pawnee’s government shutdown.

Tom married his Canadian -born college friend Wendy to secure her U.

He challenges Chris to a burger cook-off to prove red meat is superior to Chris’ preferred lean meat, with red meat staying on the menu if Ron wins.

Saturday September 29th from Trunk or Treat Halloween Festival: First, we will assemble at the Ardsley Middle School parking lot, and then children in costume will march down to Pascone Park. Any parents interested in handing out candy from their car trunks, please contact the Recreation Dept at Event is Saturday, Oct 27th at 1: In case of inclement weather, the event will be held at the Community Center.

We will begin at the Ardsley Firehouse and end up at the Community Center. We will have music from the Ardsley High School, refreshments, and the man in red just might show up! The Rec Department has been adding new programs to the calendar every year. We have been working with the Ardsley School District to run programs with the students.