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Now let us take a look at the 10 most popular television shows in China. The show is launched by Jiangsu TV and airs on weekend nights at The show have won tremendous success and has been one of the highest-rated shows in the country. The show airs at This entertaining variety show usually interview well-known celebrities from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and sometimes promote movies and TV series.

This show is extremely popular among young girls and housewives.

BoJack Horseman Netflix renewed for a 4th season.

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Best Reality TV Shows: A Junkie’s List of Guilty Pleasures

Best Reality Shows on Netflix 1. Mythbusters The Mythbusters team takes reality TV to explosive new heights. Each episode tackles fascinating questions about the world around us, from attempting to replicate stunts from viral videos to putting old adages to the test.

The girls were almost as vapid and ridiculous as Paris and Nicole, but the show didn’t become nearly as popular.

Reality TV Power List: The 10 A-Listers of 7: To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. It was a collective sigh of relief from the reality TV community. Not since , the year that brought The Voice and The X Factor, had a reality show gotten off to such an auspicious start. And the good news keeps coming for the Steve Harvey-hosted series, which grew with DVR stats and has maintained the bulk of its initial live draw a 2.

Turns out reality is alive and well. Despite periodic headlines that read more like epitaphs, TV’s most underestimated genre still is capable of spawning sleeper hits HGTV’s rising Fixer Upper , pop culture phenomena Spike’s viral Lip Sync Battle and even the occasional bona fide success. These victories are enough to justify its overwhelming dominance on the dial, which makes the notion of peak scripted TV look downright modest in comparison.

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The show now has a premiere date scheduled. According to an official press release , Catching Kelce will premiere Wednesday, Oct. Besides featuring a current NFL player, what should set this reality dating show apart from its TV rivals is 50 contestants being involved in the competition. You read that number correctly.

And thus, the new era of MTV was born.

That changes tonight, with the launch of Fox’s Coupled. A Tinder-influenced spin on televised matchmaking, in which the female contestants opt to walk right yea or left nay after meeting eligible bachelors, is Burnett’s play for the enduring audience of ABC’s Bachelor franchise. The shows are wildly different, as Burnett recently explained to The Hollywood Reporter, starting with the men and women who make up the cast: Coupled has a very diverse cast, something the Bachelor franchise has gotten heat for lacking.

How important was that? The show you mentioned has gotten a lot of flak for that.

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History[ edit ] Television formats portraying ordinary people in unscripted situations are almost as old as the television medium itself. Producer-host Allen Funt ‘s Candid Camera , in which unsuspecting people were confronted with funny, unusual situations and filmed with hidden cameras, first aired in , and is often seen as a prototype of reality television programming.

Queen for a Day — was an early example of reality-based television. The television game show Cash and Carry sometimes featured contestants performing stunts.

Riverdale CW renewed for a 2nd season.

Consider your Friday night booked. Expect beautiful, cinematic shots and plenty of food porn. Watch if You Like: Long Way Round What: Two guys, two bikes and one massive cross-country road trip. The show was so successful in , they followed it up three years later with Long Way Down. American Chopper Obsessed; Image: Do you often find yourself drifting into the self-help section of a bookstore?

How about watching a marathon of Intervention? Hoarders American Pickers; Image: If you love a good flea market find, American Pickers was made for you. The History Channel hit throws the spotlight on longtime pals Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they scour the country for vintage treasure in barns, basements, junkyards, you name it. When the dynamic duo come across an interesting piece, you get to see how much they pick it for and what the real value of the object is.

Antiques Roadshow Marriage Boot Camp:

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They found girls who knew going in that no one would ever love them, and they just needed someone to film them crying between snacks.

And yes, the idea is that the couples will be more vulnerable and honest after the act, when they talk to a panel of expert in the hopes of solving their issues. But Sex Box is no parody. Here are other reality shows that make The Bachelor look totally sensible: Born in the Wild This Lifetime series, premiering March 3, is about women who give birth in nature. Who is the Worst Driver in the Netherlands? The series, which has run in several different countries, gathers the worst drivers in a specific region and has them show off their lack-of-skills behind the wheel.

No one was seriously injured. Before there was Tinder there was a show in which people walked down a runway and displayed their goods to judges who essentially swiped right or left. The Will CBS may have agreed to pick up the reality show — in which family and friends of a rich benefactor compete to be included in his inheritance — but the network had the good sense to cancel it after just one episode.

Dating Naked A contestant actually sued VH1 for showing a little too much nudity.

Why America Loves Reality TV

The 25 Best TV Shows of Here are are the shows we obsessively binge-watched and couldn’t stop talking about. Dec 28, Photo illustration by Kevin Peralta It’s been a tumultuous year, which means that most of us turn to our TVs—or laptops—for some light entertainment. But unlike most areas of entertainment that often reflects our own culture back at us, television works at a much quicker rate—meaning that TV is more likely to depict, through comedy and drama, our current cultural climate with an exacting speed and accuracy.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below This year’s TV offerings might indicate that we’re at “Peak TV,” but they have certainly brought us some groundbreaking and provocative episodes of narrative storytelling proving that the art form is at the highest point in its long history. With even the lightest, frothiest fare such as the most ridiculous reality TV manages to have something to say about the state of the world today, and the most ridiculous fantasy and sci-fi series are rooted in realism like never before.

Here are the best TV shows of —the series we’ve watched, talked about, and obsessed over.

Basically absolutely nothing happened on Laguna Beach, except so much happened and it was all so interesting to watch.

Contact Author I am a self-proclaimed reality tv junkie and while I am fully aware that most of these shows are subject to major editing and not really completely reality, they are just entertaining to watch! Here’s my list of the top 10 best reality tv shows, dead or alive, in no particular ranking order. It follows young girls on the path to motherhood. They have a wide range of girls on the show and depict the different options that are afforded to women when family planning.

Usually, these pregnancies are not planned and it allows the viewer to watch as the girls make tough decisions about relationships they are in, the changes a baby will have on their life and the effect it has on their families. It follows these girls from pregnancy to labor and ends at the baby’s first few months. The series finale is a reunion show hosted by Dr. While the premise is great, most of the families depicted are the same in their dynamics.

The soon-to-be fathers in the show are usually deadbeats that don’t stick around, with a few exceptions. It was a show that took a group of people all over the country to do some of the toughest, most dangerous jobs out there. This is a reality show that had a prize attached. The show pooled together the salaries of each job and the last contestant standing, won it all. The contestants worked in some unusual jobs, like crab fishing and oil drilling and had to compete in challenges related to that job to stake their claim to stay on the show.

The show may be canceled, but I give it a 4 for originality and amusement.

Top 10 Addictive Reality TV Shows