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This simple blood test represents the future of screening for chromosomal abnormalities and we are one of the first to offer this service to the women of Sheffield. Cell-free DNA cfDNA results from the natural breakdown of fetal cells and clears from the maternal system within hours of giving birth. NIPT also offers optional testing for the Y chromosome material, which can provide information on fetal sex. During a pregnancy, cfDNA can be tested to give the most accurate screening approach in estimating the risk of a fetus having a common chromosome condition sometimes called a trisomy. This occurs when there are three copies of a particular chromosome instead of the expected two. The test looks to detect the following trisomies: Down Syndrome — Trisomy 21 The most common chromosomal abnormality at the time of birth. It is associated with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, digestive disease, congenital heart defects and other malformations. Trisomy 18 Edwards syndrome and Trisomy 13 Patau syndrome These conditions are associated with a high rate of miscarriage. These babies are born with severe brain abnormalities and often have congenital heart defects as well as other birth defects.

Combined nuchal scanning screening test

The striker – who made his debut for Wales in the Nations League win over Republic of Ireland at Cardiff City Stadium last month – netted in the 51st minute to earn Marcelo Bielsa’s side a narrow win over the Tigers, a victory moved The Whites back to the top of the table on goal difference. And in the aftermath of the victory, Leeds players were quick to dedicate the win to fan Toby Nye who is suffering with a rare form of cancer.

The five-year-old Leeds supporter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma – an extremely aggressive and rare form of cancer – on his fourth birthday. Read More Leeds United’s Tyler Roberts left celebrates scoring against Hull City He was told he was in remission in the summer following a programme of treatment. But after suffering with illness in recent weeks, his family confirmed on Monday that a CT scan revealed he now has a brain tumour.

Your doctor may recommend a BPP test if you’re past your due date or have a higher risk of problems during pregnancy.

It’s not that bold a claim to make – at Ultrasound Direct Leeds, we offer some of the best ultrasound scans in England. It’s true – thanks to a combination of our advanced HD equipment and our fully-trained, fully qualified team of healthcare professionals, the ultrasound scans you get from Ultrasound Direct Leeds are some of the finest money can buy.

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Samantha May Graham, 31, said staff at York Hospital saved her daughter’s life when she twice developed meningitis caused by a Group B Strep GBS infection – which she says could have been avoided had she taken a simple test while pregnant. Lola was rushed to hospital when she was nearly two-weeks-old after Samantha called NHS when her daughter began to act unusually. She was making grunting sounds, her skin became mottled and she was repeatedly lifting her legs up and down.

An ambulance was sent to their home within five minutes and a seriously ill Lola was diagnosed with meningitis. While being cared for at York Hospital she suffered fits due to the pressure on her brain and was sedated and put on an antibiotic drip. Seven-week-old Lola has now spent five weeks of her life in hospital and a consultant has told the family that a scan of Lola’s brain suggests the possibility of a disability in the future but the extent this will affect her will not be known until she gets older.

On top of being clinically excellent she is also just the loveliest person and always a pleasure to see.

My scan was booked for 2. Now I am aware that you need a full bladder but having to wait nearly an hour to be able to go to the toilet made me feel really uncomfortable and I just had to go. When I finally went in for my scan the sonographer was extremely rude and had a go at me because my bladder wasn’t full enough. I tried to explain to her that I completely understand when they are running behind but I was getting extremely uncomfortable and was starting to worry that I might get a UTI if I held it in much longer, something I suffer with and this is one of the triggers.

She then made me go and sit outside and drink 3 bottles of water and told me that I was making them even later now. After I drank the water I went back in, she started the scan and for a good 5 minutes she didn’t say anything which due to previous bad experiences I know this isn’t always a good sign! My husband asked if she could see a baby and she snapped back ‘I wouldn’t be doing all this if I couldn’t!

I thought throughout the whole experience she was extremely rude, she never once explained what she was doing and why just grunted everytime myself or my husband asked her something. I found the whole experience horrendous and if I have to see her again I will probably go elsewhere to have my baby.

Rude sonographer at 12 week dating scan

Here you will find listings of carefully selected private clinics, hospitals and consultant doctors that provide fertility, IVF, maternity care, pregnancy scans and childbirth-related services of high quality. Before using the website please ensure you have read the Disclaimer and agreed to the Terms Of Use. Should I Have One? Are you trying to get pregnant?

But what is it and do you need one? Miscarriages are more common than people think, with around a fifth of pregnancies ending this way.

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I came back for a rescan after my little boy would only show half his face last time, They really do their best to get you the best photo’s from your experience, I have never met such friendly people, from being greeted at reception to leaving every single member of staff there were friendly and very welcoming and great with my little brothers! My little boy’s 4 months old now and I’m always showing him his photos a few are displayed in my home and people always ask where I got them done, definitely worth the money and the experience and will continue to recommend to everyone!

I’ve got to say it was one of the best experiences ever, seeing my little baby in 4d was surreal. The staff were lovely and very thorough throughout the scan, explaining different angles and parts of my baby. Will definitely be booking another 4d scan when I’m further on, very excited for it already. Thanks to everyone at Window to the Womb for doing such a fab job. Can’t say I was bothered about having a 4D scan until I got in that room and saw my little lads face!

He’s definitely a little tinker! You made my lass very happy putting your all into getting some decent pictures of him.

Scans every pregnant woman should know about by Miracle Inside

By booking an early scan at the Baby Scan Clinic, our friendly and experienced sonographer will look for specific signs at this early stage, and will allow us to check if your child is developing as planned. Any notes will be recorded on to a printed report, for you to take away at the end of your scan. Requirements for the Early Pregnancy Scan If clear and accurate measurements cannot be obtained in the first instance, an internal transvaginal probe may be used.

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While passing through the trimesters, you get anxious and excited because it is practically suffocating to wait for nine months to get a glimpse of the tiny little toes and fingers. Many new moms-to-be have an unending desire in their hearts to see their child at least once before giving birth. However, with the standard 2D ultrasound scan , it is not possible as it is just a blurred very fuzzy view of the baby.

So, what does make Doppler, 2D, 3D or 4D ultrasound scans different? The first pregnancy scan recommended by a doctor is more often than not the two-dimensional ultrasound scan. This scan is carried out by placing a transducer on the stomach. The wand sends sound waves into the body that bounces off the internal fluids and organs.

Biophysical Profile (BPP) Test: Understanding Your Score

Our mission is to deliver amazing baby scan experiences during your special time for our local Leeds community. This has been made possible with our fantastic scanning services attracting a huge and loyal client base. The baby scan packages offered by our clinic are diverse and designed to fit all budgets. One of our major guiding principles is that we are a baby scan clinic which is client driven and we always strive to deliver an outstanding service and experience for our budding families.

Most women will not realise they are a carrier.

The devastated parents of a tot struck by a deadly infection have been told the ten-month-old will lose both her arms and legs, her sight and hearing and will be 90 per cent brain damaged. She is now off a ventilator and, although still sedated, she is breathing for herself. She said the family wanted to thank the local community and online well-wishers for their support but were also desperate to warn other parents to look out for meningitis and septicemia symptoms.

Symptoms of meningitis in babies and toddlers. She had also noticed a couple of spots on her chest. Hospital consultants have since told the family that the GP would not have been able to detect meningitis at that time. At 2am the next morning Paul woke with a start, just instinct. He went to check on her, put on the light and saw her face, neck and chest was covered in the rash. While that was happening, she had a mini cardiac arrest, said Mrs Gott. Kia was rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary where medics told her family it was meningitis and she was not likely to survive.

She was transferred to Leeds General Infirmary for specialist care, where the family were given the devastating news that all four limbs would have to be removed. An MRI scan also showed signs she would be deaf, blind and have 90 per cent brain damage, said Mrs Gott. They believe she is responding to them and their voices and when Elsie sings her nursery rhymes.

13 week scan {Uh oh gender!}