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From collegiate athlete to Account Manager, Lauren has made a total mind and body transformation since beginning her health and fitness journey with us. Read more about her unique journey below! Tell us a little about yourself or something that would surprise us. Lauren Stanley, soon to be Lauren Koenig if I ever get around to legally changing my name got married in January I am 33 years old and have lived in Houston my entire life. I grew up in Spring where life revolved around club soccer, working out and going to school. Now I am an Account Manager for a Freight Forwarding company, which means I attempt to help our customers ship their products all over the world in the most efficient and legal way possible. PS — Keith my husband said I should tell everyone that I am an only child…this will help explain a lot if you have ever interacted with me How and when were you introduced to Behemoth? I stumbled into Behemoth online about 2 years ago when I was looking for some kind of change to my workout routine.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight.

So when I was in college, I worked at the student rec center where I began to work out more and more.

And a few have asked me about how I started CrossFit. It most likely will be though. I swam for 9 years of my life on a summer league and just a little in high school. I was never extremely good at it, but I lived at my pool in the summers so it was just what you did. I never tried any other sports because I was too scared. I was too scared to try volleyball because I would have to wear spandex shorts.

So I kept to myself, sang in choir, and worked out on my own…not knowing what the hell I was doing. I had a couple personal trainers growing up that helped me get a little bit more into being in the gym and comfortable with lifting weights. I had boyfriends who were always into fitness so it made me want to try it and look cool. But it made me never really feel intimidated with lifting weights around dudes. Lifting weights always gave me some sort of empowerment feeling.

So when I was in college, I worked at the student rec center where I began to work out more and more.

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Gratitude makes us more optimistic. Gratitude is strongly correlated with optimism. Optimism in turn makes us happier, improves our health, and has been shown to increase lifespan by as much as a few years. How does gratitude increase optimism?

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Wow, Brian strong work in tight quarters! It went up smooth. I wanna get on that affiliate site. Props to the Kipping Queen Allison tearing up the pull up portion of this workout, and to Rob, Marisela,and the other guy sorry I missed you name for gritting out this beast of a workout, and to Keith for chosing this WOD. My slightly faster time is skewed by your doing snatches with 95 lbs vs all of us at the box using 75 lbs. Shoe lifts can reduce suffering.

Dating Sage CrossFit Salt In this age of financial turbulence, a superb credit score can aid you to get the confidence of financial foundations for monetary aid. Another demon was at the Box! I actually fancy the stuff I have read on your website and plan to keep reading when I get more time. This is really great. Not meaning to place any blame, but my dad was a good athlete, but not a very patient teacher and I was a bit of a bullhead to boot. Find More Posts by Veronica Carpenter.

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And, of course, this was where I met my college boyfriend.

A carta que abaixo reproduzo, apareceu aqui. I hope you still think about the struggle, too. The smell of stale french-fry grease in the air, and the line of customers that seemed to go on forever — every single day? Remember the pissed-off looks on their faces when they thought you were taking too long? I still remember that deep fryer in the corner, and how the floors were always slick with oil residue, even after they had been freshly mopped. Just two years before the Rio Olympics, you were a year-old college dropout, bagging fries.

Remember that feeling of standing behind the register all day, just waiting for the time to pass, waiting for your opportunity to clock out so you could go train by yourself?

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The conversation went like this: Two weeks until you are a mom? You know for giving birth? I will totally deserve it.

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Previously the young woman would eat junk food all day and two dinners at night Showing off the guns: Now Ms Writer is a qualified PE teacher and trains for around two hours a day. I played sports and was active and had heaps of friends. Like me, he never questioned what he was eating. We just ate what we enjoyed. The young woman said most days she would drink a sugary energy drink and eat a chocolate bar for breakfast Slowly but surely: After Ms Writers and her boyfriend got together, she gained around 10 kilograms a year from her original 80 kilogram weight She said: My weight was the last thing on my mind.

I knew enough was enough. Within a week of starting Ms Winters had lost eight kilograms ‘I downloaded a calorie counting app and started tracking what I ate’:


First of all I can’t believe Troy was the only one that helped me out with getting my immune system up by laughter. Geez, great support guys. Thanks Troy your awesome!

The highlights start at 10 p.

Creamy Tomatillo Dressing Cafe Rio Back at the beginning of the month Hubby and I decided it would be fun to celebrate Cinco De Mayo With some delicious Mexican food and our favorite dressing We made chicken tacos I get cook the chicken and shred it Then I get this delicious season mix because it is cheap and yummy Once the chicken was all ready you add the amount of water it calls for on the packet and the mix And your yummy chicken is complete Easy Peasy right?!

And just because here are a few of my sweety Baby M He was loving some of the chicken tacos and Dressing too He is such a good eater and it is so much fun to be able to give him what we are eating for dinner now Poor little sunburnt cheeks from the zoo earlier that day I’m a bad mom and forgot the sunscreen: Never again it made me so sad But even with his first sun burn he was one happy boy that day Not much can get this little one down which makes me very happy Do you see these jammies?!

Hope you all have a beautiful day and don’t forget to write the delicious recipe down You will thank me later I promise This yummy dinner and dressing is linked up to all the parties in my “Where I link” tab up at the top of my page and here Thanks for stopping by here:

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Benefits of CrossFit Builds Confidence Accomplishing difficult workouts on a regular basis builds a strong sense of self confidence; Confidence not only in your ability to work through discomfort, but also a confidence in the capabilities of your body as strong and able. Builds Perseverance In life, perseverance produces positive outcomes.

In CrossFit, athletes learn to persevere through difficult workouts in order to reap the benefits that will inevitably come. Short-term benefits such as the satisfaction of finishing a tough workout, and long-term benefits such as improved physical and emotional well-being are all obtained by persevering in CrossFit. Builds Mental Strength During a tough workout, often we will reach an emotional threshold before we will reach a physical threshold. Through CrossFit workouts we learn to take those negative thoughts captive, and begin to use positive thinking and self-talk to break through those mental barriers.

Gratitude makes us more optimistic.

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Those who are insecure have difficulty focusing because many of their mental resources are tied up with their worries.

To be more accurate, first it jumped up into my throat and then dropped — right through me and to the floor. I immediately went through most of the stages of grief. There must be some sort of mistake! You think because you have a stopwatch and a marker you can make me do Helen? My time was No way did I go hard enough, especially on the runs. I quit on myself.

I defeated myself before I even started. I am a firm believer that inner dialogue is what separates average athletes from great athletes. You will be amazed at how much your inner dialogue will affect your workouts, and your life, especially when you learn to keep it positive. So next time you find those worried, scared, or tired voices creep into your head, put them in their place. It takes practice but once you master it you will uncover a whole new level of athleticism and personal victory.

I refuse to let her own me. We practiced ground fighting all night, it was a blast.

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