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The emails name names and pull no punches. Some of the emails went to a long list of supporters while others planning strategy were circulated only among a smaller core group. The county document includes the email addresses of all recipients. This email originally went to some readers, and every one of their email addresses has been exposed by the town clerk. The clerk annotated her email as follows: We should have spent a lot more time talking to people about this. We should have put out flyers. We should have looked at better signage.

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England UK Ramo Samee probably “Ramaswamy” was a 19th century East Indian juggler and magician who starred with his own juggling troupe. In fact, he is considered to be the first “modern” professional juggler, and was by far the most famous juggler of his time. Samee was born around in East India, possibly in Madras in Tamil Nadu, and was brought to England in at around the age of A certain Captain Campbell, returning to England from the Indian colony in , brought a troupe of Indian magicians and performers with him and installed them in Pall Mall Street London, where they demonstrated native juggling, acrobatics, yogic postures, conjuring, and sleight of hand for an audience that was curious about the quaint customs and strange manners of India.

Is it then a trifling power we see at work, or is it something next to miraculous?

Offshore some Big Eye and Yellowfin Tuna have been caught.

Tbilisi Georgia In nineteenth-century Russia, circus was extremely popular among the aristocracy and the people alike, but the Russian circus was developed mostly by foreigners whose names — Ciniselli, Truzzi, Salamonsky — became synonymous with Russian circus. There was one notable exception, however: The Nikitin brothers, Dmitri , Akim , and Piotr Nikitin , who became the first true Russian circus entrepreneurs of note, and would remain so until the Bolshevik revolution.

The Nikitin brothers were born to Aleksandr and Alina Ivanovna Nikitin, who were serfs bound to one of the vast lands belonging to the Crown. Tsar Nicholas I began to ease the condition of the serfs of his Imperial estates in , when he established the “quit-rent” system, which allowed them to leave the land to which they were attached in exchange for a rent paid to their landowner, the Tsar. Aleksandr Nikitin immediately took advantage of this new, if limited, freedom and became an itinerant organ grinder.

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According to an article in the New York Herald dated July 15, , and another article in the New York Times dated July 16, , a novel performance was offered at the Olympic Theatre on July 15, by Ling Look, “who disposes mysteriously but satisfactorily of a blade ninety centimetres in length. A quote from describes Ling Look’s performace: How much sword he took we are not prepared to state; but he did not perish. In a showman named Heinrich Kellar, who went by the name Harry Kellar , put together a show troupe that included Link Look.

We are a team, and always want to provide our community with the best service possible.

June 1st – August 30 except holidays Restrictions: Offer extended to all teachers in appreciation of their dedication. The Branson Hotel City: Complimentary bottle of wine at check in. Now through August 31, Restrictions: All teachers who book Inn: Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast City: Please have some sort of ID showing you are a teacher. Not valid with gift certificates. Cannot be combined with other specials. This is open to all teachers who book and stay with us during the summer month.

Please let us know during the registration process that you are a teacher.

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Blackout and other restrictions apply. Blackout restrictions subject to change. Please check this page periodically for updates. Data and usage rates may apply to MLB. You can cancel online or by e-mail. For more information on MLB.

The Planning Commission responded that a professional arborist should be consulted on how the tree might fare in a parking lot.

Billbobboy1, the best you can do is use the straight track transition piece and then add a curve in O gauge track. I don’t have a Y section so I have no idea how it works, also the old K-Line catalog that first listed Super Streets didn’t mention how the Y section worked, just said it reversed the vehicle’s direction of travel. My guess is that the grooves in the track are lower on one side than on the other and the vehicle follows the lower groove. Thanks for the reply.

I just saw on E-bay a “Y” section being sold by Trainz. They showed the item still in it’s wrapper. On the wrapper card was a statement that the item has spring loaded points to direct traffic. The points look a bit like frogs in a switch. Interestingly, the picture on Lionel’s site does not bring out that detail nor is there any statement explaining it. My presumption is a vehicle must enter the “Y” in the same direction all the time. My problem, most likley, is that SuperStreets has not yet evolved to the extent I need it if it ever will.

If only there were SuperStreets switches! Using standard “O” gauge switches, along with 10″ transition sections will take up more room on my layout than I have. If there were curved transition sections I might make something work.

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But if we permit this Frankenstein of complexity to continue to work at its current plodding, insidious rate, it will slowly overwhelm us to impotency”. Killing civilians with unbridled violence because we use too-large NSW platforms makes more rebels. Army use, HTL-4s in USMC use below in the Korean War, they were simple, small machines easily transported by trucks and large airplanes to the battlefield where they were embedded with ground units and did not need their own airfields.

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Proto said the current CCBTB advertising campaign received over 50 requests from potential visitors last month alone, but no one responded to the requests due to lack of funding.

Dear Representative Pelosi, We are writing to you today to ask you to do better. We, like you, are white women who care deeply about the direction in which our country is headed, and who believe that inaction in the face of oppression is unacceptable. Because we share those goals, we hope and expect that you will do the work to understand why we are so deeply disappointed and angry about your recent statements regarding your colleague, Representative Maxine Waters.

We urge you to consider how you can better use your power to support Representative Waters and the struggle for liberation for all Americans. Time and time again, we have seen women of color show up to the polls to support progressive politics, while white women cling to the regressive, and often racist, politics and politicians who long for yesteryear. But of course, racism and sexism are inextricably intertwined even in the America of , a place where the perceived fragility of white women is still weaponized and deployed in order to initiate and justify racialized violence.

This must stop, and you can help lead that charge. The concept of respect is culturally mediated; there is no single, objective standard. Taking to the streets, boycotts, the occupation of public spaces, the refusal to remain polite in the face of both institutionalized and interpersonal bigotry.


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It was to have the capability of being disassembled for transport by air or in any class of amphibious shipping to a combat area where it would be reassembled later and made ready for flight.

June 17th, in Fishing Report Happy Friday!!!! Check out some of the catches brought in yesterday. Also, if you would like to try your hand at landing fish like these, give us a call to book a Charter trip at and ask for Carolyn. We have many great charters that can take you back bay fishing or go offshore for the big ones. Til next time, Tight Lines and Good Times!!!

Bill Kunst of Dagsboro, DE caught this 7. Eddie Wheedleton while out at B-Buoy using cut bait and squid. Jamie, Jackson and J. Bruce Coffiey and Capt. They brought back 3 big eye tuna with the largest one weighing in at lbs caught by Addison 12 yellow fin tuna averaging 45lbs and a handful of mahi. They also released numerous sharks like hammerhead, tiger and one short mako.

June 16th, in Fishing Report Looks like the wind is coming back for the weekend. We have had a lot of boats both inshore and offshore landing some nice catches. There will be lots of giveaways and prizes for the kids.

8-7-17 Salisbury, Maryland Local Flooding