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Leonardo Da Vinci was astonished how the human body was wonderfully symmetrical and beautiful. Artist in paricular, still look at the woman’s body to be an art of form in itself- sketch it, draw it,paint it. But no matter how skillful an artist is, he must have a model from which could inspire his masterpiece. Ehra is one such! People say I have a very pretty face and also a killer body They say that I have perfect curves. A smooth, fragrance, silky hair. I am a human anatomy model. Waiting to be discovered.

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Search 12 Most Fascinating Castles in Ohio Traveling through Ohio, visitors find a surprising number of spectacular castles that look like they came from a different century and continent. Some Ohio castles are original and were built a century or more ago, such as the Piatt Castles. Others are new, inspired by the elegance and romance of old castles like the Loveland Castle Museum. Here are the best castles in Ohio. Frank Seiberling was one of the cofounders of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber company.

During the s and s, a number of industries left Lima, part of the ” Rust Belt ” decline affecting all of Ohio.

History[ edit ] Though only proclaimed the national anthem in , the “Wilhelmus” already had a centuries-old prior history. It had been sung on many official occasions and at many important events since the outbreak of the Dutch Revolt in , such as the siege of Haarlem in and the ceremonial entry of the Prince of Orange into Brussels on 18 September But know that soon I shall be sung of!

At the end of the song, which coincided with the third i. Therefore, the fortunes of the song paralleled those of the Orangist faction. Trumpets played the “Wilhelmus” when Prince Maurits visited Breda , and again when he was received in state in Amsterdam in May When William V arrived in Schoonhoven in , after the authority of the stadholders had been restored, the church bells are said to have played the “Wilhelmus” continuously.

After the Batavian Revolution , inspired by the French Revolution , it had come to be called the “Princes’ March” as it was banned during the rule of the Patriots , who did not support the House of Orange-Nassau. However, at the foundation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in , the “Wilhelmus” had fallen out of favour. However, the “Wilhelmus” remained popular and lost its identification as a factional song, and on 10 May , it was decreed that on all official occasions requiring the performance of the national anthem, the “Wilhelmus: During the German occupation of the Netherlands , Arthur Seyss-Inquart , the Nazi Reichskommissar, banned all the emblems of the Dutch royal family, including the Wilhelmus.

This was then taken up by all factions of the Dutch resistance , even those socialists who had previously taken an anti-monarchist stance. The film concerns a Royal Air Force bomber crew who are shot down over the occupied Netherlands and are helped to escape by the local inhabitants.

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Wenn Sie Pluspunkte verdienen wollen, sind ein kleines Geschenk, das nicht teuer sein muss. Menschen langweilen sich die gleiche alte Lied wieder und wieder zu tun. Sei der ein neues Leben in Ihren Tag zu stiften.

Places like Vantage, Latta said, are helping give skills to individuals interested in filling the millions of open positions in the United States.

Bloody Bridge South to St Mary’s July, by walkrunhike The stretch from Bloody Bridge to St Mary’s brings you very close to the canal, and the scenic farm land, forests, and ponds make it a memorable hike. The Bloody Bridge parking situation is pretty carefree, so don’t expect too much. Starting the trail from Bloody Bridge and going South is slightly confusing because you can take two routes. First, you can walk next to the canal until you get to 66, but this part does not have gravel at least when we went and the grass may be high if they haven’t mowed lately.

Your other option is to walk the road that parallels the canal, until it dead ends into We did both, but will probably stick to the road in the future because the path has some sink holes. The big stops on this stretch are Lock 14, and the massive 40 acre ponds. Lock 14 is very scenic, and worth stopping to investigate. Per the Canal Booklet – Originally wooden, this lock was converted to concrete in The renovation includes a pedestrian bridge and parking lot.

The booklet also mentions the 40 acre ponds were created as a result of the canal crossing the St. Marys river flood plane. The area next to the ponds is very peaceful, and is a standout feature on this part of the trail. If you’re looking for an off-cement walk, next to a canal and several large ponds, I think this hike is the perfect site.

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Bradley Keyes Consulting expert software and web development services Consulting and contracting in web site developmenet, database design and architecture, iPhone and web apps, WordPress sites, ebook creation, and more. Kids’ Quotas is an iPhone app that manages your child’s time in any activity. Do you want to limit their video game time to 3 hours a week or make sure they spend 2 hours a week on piano?

The first thing I noticed was how rude and impatient and inward-focused people were back home.

If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Ohio. In the meantime, here’s a list of all haunted places within miles of Van Wert County, Ohio. Customers to the store have sworn they’ve heard footsteps coming from the second level, but upon investigation, there is no one around.

The experience is rumored to have opened a portal from which strange things come. His apparition has been spotted inside the restaurant, and he isn’t rumored to be the quiet type–Hector has been known to make a lot of noise. A lady’s apparition has been spotted, and the door to the women’s restroom has been known to open and close on its own. He got a job and later fought in the Civil War. After that he became a businessman and ended up a successful stockbroker.

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It has been 12 years since my husband died and thanks to your firm I have been able to live a comfortable life. Six years ago I found that I no longer could continue to take care of my home, that is when I moved to California to be near my youngest son. You handled my father’s case very professionally and, considering the emotional aspects, very personally.

He told me that Goldberg, Persky was the company that I should contact if he gets sick. As usual, he gave me good advice.

You see, there are two ways to go through life.

These are found on various products including General Mills Cereals and other label items! Put them in a ziplock bag or envelope and send to the school. We have already read half of our class novel and have written several responses to our Songs of the Week. We are reviewing elements of a novel, the four types of sentences, nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives. Each student completed their name shield along with a paragraph on the history of their name or their name origin.

These will be collected and be redistributed their Senior year. Social studies classes have focused on latitude and longitude, hemispheres and general geography and map skills. In Math we are studied the ins and outs of factors and multiples, worked extensively with ratios and are moving into working with fractions, decimals and percents.

Science classes are learning all about plate tectonics! Currently, we are learning the causes of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes! Each team of students designed and built a habitat that could securely house a Tenebrio molitor, aka a Darkling Beetle.

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Biography[ edit ] Early life and development[ edit ] Born in Breslau in the Prussian Silesia as the grandson of Daniel Schleiermacher, a pastor at one time associated with the Zionites , [12] [13] and the son of Gottlieb Schleiermacher, a Reformed Church chaplain in the Prussian army, Schleiermacher started his formal education in a Moravian school at Niesky in Upper Lusatia , and at Barby near Magdeburg.

However, pietistic Moravian theology failed to satisfy his increasing doubts, and his father reluctantly gave him permission to enter the University of Halle , which had already abandoned pietism and adopted the rationalist spirit of Christian Wolff and Johann Salomo Semler. As a theology student Schleiermacher pursued an independent course of reading and neglected the study of the Old Testament and of Oriental languages. However, he did attend the lectures of Semler, where he became acquainted with the techniques of historical criticism of the New Testament , and of Johann Augustus Eberhard , from whom he acquired a love of the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle.

At the same time he studied the writings of Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi , and began to apply ideas from the Greek philosophers to a reconstruction of Kant’s system.

Devin Walsh, 19, Ohio City, changed his plea to guilty to possession of marijuana, a felony 5.

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Over the years, the association presented seasons of three to five concerts a year with most of them being performed in the Lincoln School Auditorium and eventually the Marsh School Auditorium. Originally, only season passes were sold and only for a limited amount of time. Work of selling the season memberships and operating the organization was done by dedicated volunteers. Over the years, attendance grew and then dissipated before seeing another growth in the s and 90s. Many national and international performers graced the Community Concert stages across the country and in Van Wert.

The capacity of the Marsh Auditorium was around

This resembles a traditional local name used dating back to the Hog Creek Shawnee community that existed between Lima and present Ada, prior to the Shawnee removal of

This production uses hi-tech multimedia that creates a gameday atmosphere, complete with all the trappings of a World Series game including the First Pitch, Star-Spangled Banner, and of course introductions. The stage will be transformed into a field of memories and the audience will be transported to the golden era of Baseball. Storytelling, enhanced with visuals, will make the audience laugh as well as be inspired by Charlie Hustle.

Pete Rose, the American icon tells it all and takes you inside the game of baseball as no other person can. This unique Dinner package includes a photo-op with Pete, an autographed show photo and pre-show reception. Lots are located to the North and South of the venue. Handicap parking is available to the East of the facility immediately outside of the main entrance.

Accessibility All areas of the Niswonger and certain seating areas are accessible by wheelchair. Please notify the Box Office NPAC at the time of ticket purchase so that a platform for companion seating is reserved. Please ask the ushers for assistance to be seated.

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A wonderful energetic group of printmakers are always eager to demonstrate the many presses and quality work generated. He has retired as Professor Emeritus from Defiance college. He is in the process of making vital new acquaintances, but he will never forget the old ones.

Hope to see you there.

Speaking of criticism, I think there are two ways to interpret criticism that can keep us from losing our cool and turn a potentially negative encounter into a positive one: Recognize the truth in the criticism. We really can learn to focus our attention on what is being said while ignoring how it is being said. The critique just may be accurate or partially so and our offense, and resulting defensiveness, can prevent us from catching an area of needed growth. If we truly hunger for truth and personal improvement, we can even learn to feel a degree of gratitude for a blind spot having been made visible by someone who was willing to take the time to point it out, even if delivered in an awkward or irreverent tone.

The critique is a reflection of the critic, not me or my work. Then if you add the assumption that buried below the surface of a cranky delivery, there was a benevolent motive, then life can go on just as sunny and cheery as if no criticism was ever delivered in the first place. Thanks for your input and kind words, my friend! Have an amazing week! Reply Great list of tips here, Ken! Dave Reply Excellent points, Dave.

So true about recognizing that offenses can come from a place of insecurity in the offending person as a way to pull others down to feel better about themselves and their own dissatisfying lives can certainly make dismissing their offenses easier.

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