Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova raped and murdered

David Jason Muir is famous for his work as an American journalist. Murrow awards for his national and international journalism. He was born to a Roman Catholic Family. David has one older sibling and two younger step-siblings. He stands at height 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is 76 kg. He completed magna cum laude with a bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism in the year He served there for five years. David joined the network in and worked with WCVB television for 3 years.

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After earning a journalism degree from Charles Sturt University in , he began working for regional broadcaster WIN. Moving to the United Kingdom after reporting for Channel 4 and ITV, it was where he began to increase his career after covering major stories including the Asian tsunami and the London bombings. Though he contracted to Network Ten in Australia until March , he gave a release on the contract in the early appointment.

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There were some rumors raised against him to destroy his career but all of them were failed.

Ramya Krishnan September 17, For years, press advocates suspected that the government was relying on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA to monitor the communications of journalists and news organizations. Government surveillance of journalists poses a serious threat to the freedom of our press. The Media Guidelines are far from perfect, however, in their protection of journalists. FISA, for example, allows intelligence agencies to collect the email communications of a person deemed to be an agent of a foreign power, and NSLs permit the FBI to issue warrantless requests to third parties for non-content records.

For years, press advocates suspected that the government was relying on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to monitor the communications of journalists and news organizations. New documents appear to confirm that suspicion.

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Authorities discovered the body of year-old Viktoria Marinova on Saturday in the northern town of Ruse near the Romanian border. Police said she had been raped, beaten and strangled and her body was found in a park near the river. Journalists’ groups and foreign officials expressed shock. Harlem Desir, the media freedom representative for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, demanded a “full and thorough investigation” of Marinova’s slaying.

A Bulgarian investigative online media site went further, calling for an independent international inquiry and saying corruption could compromise an investigation by Bulgarian law enforcement. Bulgarian Interior Minister Mladen Marinov insisted Monday there was no evidence to suggest the killing was linked to Marinova’s work. Chief Public Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov, on a trip to Ruse, said authorities had no new leads on a motive.

Bulgarian police said they were considering all possible scenarios and examining both Marinova’s personal and professional lives for leads. Hundreds of Bulgarians turned out Monday night for vigils to honor Marinova. In Ruse, mourners, some tearful, placed candles, her portrait and roses— the national flower— at the foot of a monument. In the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, mourners gathered outside a church.

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The murder of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova is the latest example of that horrifying fact. A global movement against online misogyny Marinova, the administrative director of a local TV station, was beaten, raped, and found dead on October 6. Her murder has received widespread international coverage and has put pressure on Bulgarian institutions to find the perpetrators. She joins a list that no one wants to join. A third, Kim Wall , a Swedish journalist, was murdered by inventor Peter Madsen while conducting an interview with him on his submarine.

CPJ calls on the Bulgarian authorities to conduct a rigorous, thorough investigation into the killing of Victoria Marinova, presenter and administrative director for local television channel TVN.

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Email Bulgarian authorities are investigating the rape and murder of an investigative reporter in the northern city of Ruse, the third journalist to have been killed in the EU in the past year. The body of year-old Viktoria Marinova, who worked for broadcaster TVN, was found on Saturday near a pedestrian alley in an area with heavy vegetation, Bulgarian state media reported. Preliminary investigations showed the cause of death was blows to the head and suffocation.

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